To whom reinforce “Zenith” to perform effectively within the Winners Little league?

Within Economy is shown involving high decibel transitions do not occur regularly, and here Russia even rarer. Pertaining to a sound shift to “Zenith” will correspond to the population in the springtime leg in the Successes Group. A person will

Bronze Cink: I want to get to the absolute top, says biker

Biker Ondřej Cink of bronze at the race of the Andorra World Championship has confirmed his belonging to the world’s top. The double champion of the Republic has been preparing for the medal race for the long time with the

Threat to the Brothers? Fig, or Tyson “

Demonstration of dominance, but also boredom. Vladimir Klicko destroyed Jean-Marc Mormecko on Saturday and defended the heavyweight WBO, WBA and IBF titles. With his brother Vitalija, the king of the last prestigious WBC, he controls the boxing scene. They are

Jag vill boxning med Haye meddelade Vitalij Kličko efter sin brors seger

Så snart Vladimir Kličko på lördagen försvarade sina titlar utan problem professionella världen tungvikt, meddelade hans äldre bror Vitali, skulle han vilja boxning med David Haye.Brittisk rival medan i oktober avslutade karriären Dessutom hotar det straff för en skärmytsling med

The end of the world title does not kill again, the opponent wounded

The professional boxer Lukáš Konečný has been mourning on March 10 for the WBO lightweight champion in lightweight medium with Zaurbek Bajsangura as the Russian rival wounded. The fight was to be held in Brovary near Kiev. “Unfortunately, it is

For scandal flastr. Chisora ​​has 1,8 million to pay for a bribe

British boxer Dereck Chisora ​​should lose $ 100,000 ($ 1.8 million) from a half-million dollar reward for a World Championship title in WBC’s heavyweight championship with Ukrainian Vitalia Klicka, due to his scandalous behavior. After the Saturday match in Munich

VIDEO: Check out the 10 most famous boxing fights

Box is a sport that often sparks even outside the ring. Only fists and curses, but sometimes also glasses, flags or conflicts themselves, do not fly in the air. The scandalous behavior of Derek Chroz, who unsuccessfully attempted to take

Short downhill in Kitzbuehel won Jansrud, the Bank was the nineteenth

The most famous downhill in Kitzbuehel world, which this year was due to fog at the top of considerably shortened, won the Norwegian skier Kjetil Jansrud. The third man on Friday combinations Ondřej Bank finished the nineteenth and the first

“I’m not just a female wearing basketball.

The way it rolled out and about, Jurgen Klopp help make the right judgment through calling the Armenian playmaker. Mkhitaryan ended up being revealed right now, although these days Thomas Tuchel, perhaps, fully made sure you with this shift. On

He or she thought i would head to Germany at a fresh

He thought we would check out Belgium at a children age, turn down in which to stay the rent in “Illichivets” – the real farm club “Shakhtar”, which vanished many talent that is not in the construction with the Donetsk